Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wasted Work?

So a couple of people here somehow found out I was an artist. Thats cool, sometimes. So they want to see some of my work, again cool sometimes. I work nights and there are very few people that know about this. Well, a couple mornings later a day shift guy knows aboout it and he says, "That's cool, I didn't know that about you." Well others hear this converstation and the next thing you know I'm getting, "Ooh, you're an artist, do you want to draw a tattoo for me?" Okay, I have seen some really good tattoos out there, but I don't really want to draw tattoos. Granted I don't do a whole lot with the talent I have now, and I drew a couple in tech school over six years ago for some friends, but that is not what I want to do. I guess I would atleast be doing something. Think about it, this art, what ever it may be, is going to be on someones body. We all know the flesh will not last so yeah the art will only last as long as the person does, but will it be seen. These people are in the military. They are requird to cover them up, and if any of it is showing, it can cover no more than 1/4 of the exposed skin otherwise they must wear long sleeved shirts or pants all the time while in any uniform. So the question to myself is, "Are tattoos a waste of art work?" Some would say no in a heart beat. I just don't know. I have art work, paintings, in my bedroom that no one really ever sees. Stuff I could probably sell fairly easily if I tried. That stuff is the same as a tattoo, right? I don't know. I've told these people no for now, but am I wrong?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Song Battles

I am currently deployed and have a few missions while I am gone. One being writing songs. The last time I was deployed that was no problem and I figured it would be the same this time. Well its not. This time I need to write songs for 2 groups with different styles. Why 2 groups? Well I decided to help a good friend of mine start another group. So now I need to write songs for Joyful Noise and for the new all men's group Reach. I'm not sure how to do it. How do you write in 2 different styles? The only way I can think to do it is to write one and see who likes it the most. Any suggestions?

Monday, October 13, 2008


So I decided to get onto Facebook and I found lots of my old college friends. Its kinda cool. I haven't heard from them in a long time and its been great to talk to them again. I talk with Ryan, who was my knight when I was a young squire in Alpha Gamma Omega at Oklahoma Christian University, more than any other. One dayI discussed with him the song I was working on, which mentioned Jesus singing with us in heaven. Well, he has become very deep spiritually and threw something else at me that completely changes the feeling and meaning of the song. His quote was, " I think Jesus is singing with you right now, you simply need to listen for the voice." Wow was all I could say. With Joyful Noise we sing a song called I Lift My Heart, and in that song states, "...as I see your face, let me whisper in your ear." What if He is whispering in my ear? I think I need to hear His whispers more than I need to whisper in His ear. I have heard this idea many times in the past, but never really thought about it. If Jesus is whispering in my ear and all I have to do is simply listen for the voice, why don't I? Does He speak to me in song, in the wind, or in the thunder? If I could listen for it, how much would it change the way I live my life? Kinda cool to think about.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Lazy

Okay it has been 4 months since I have written anything. This seems to be consistant in my life. I have a 6' X 3' painting I started for a friend of ours months ago for thier twins bedroom. They were born in June and the painting isn't done yet. I have several songs started, but not completed. I haven't finished cleaning the garage. I waited til the yard was about 8" high before I mowed it. What is the point of all this? I need some motivation. How do I get point to where I want to use my gifts instead of saying I have to use them? I'm LAZY. That is all it boils down to I guess. There is some good news, for me at least, Keith is coming back and our singing group is currently working on 2 brand new songs. Now when I say working on that means we introduced them to each other and tried to sing them maybe twice. VBS threw a big damper on things, but that isn't a very good excuse. Motivation, you got any I can borrow?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Best Road Trip Ever

" Oklahoma, where the winds go sweeping down the plains." Who ever wrote those words told no lies, thats all I have to say about that. You probably figured by now we went to Oklahoma. Joyful Noise + 2 took a trip to Tulsa for a Keith Lancaster's "Praise & Harmony" recording. Half of us drove and the other half flew and for those of us that drove, well I think it worked out for the best. Although it was an extremely long trip filled with freezing wind and some snow, we had a blast. You have not experienced Mad Libs until you have played with a bunch of extremely tired people, especially Mary, for those of you who know Mary can only imagine. Well Tulsa was filled with praise that is very hard to describe. Several times the recording had to stop because of all the emotions people were feeling because of the true sense of worship. 400+ voices praising God, just imagine. i had to stop myself just so I could listen. it was just awesome. Not to mention Keith Lancaster directing us. by the end of the recording we just had to keep singing so Keith led us in a few very powerful worship songs. and of course we took a few pictures with him, he called us his South Carolina posse. We've never been called a posse, usually that is bad, but in this case it couldn't be more cool to be called a posse, especially Keith's posse. I also got my picture taken with Rodney Britt. For those of you true Acappella fans, you know who he is. In the picture I mostly look like I am shocked, like I couldn't believe I was standing next to the first bass of Acappella. Yeah I'm a dork. Only I would think it was the coolest thing in the world. See what I mean.

Well we had a blast, and I felt like a kid who got to see a celebrity. But the coolest thing about the whole trip was the worship. I wish I could experience that everyday. Now we are back home and I had to shave, I go back to work next week so I figured I'd get used to it. Aside from that I am in the mood to write songs again, well, at least work on some I already have in the works. Well you readers probably won't get much out of this, but it was a cool fun filled worshipful experience for me and I just wanted to share.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jesus Singing

Okay, I know I haven't posted in a while, but excuses for it won't do any good. Anyways, I have been thinking about writing another song and I need a little help. I've written several for my little singing group, but I have been holding off on this one, because we have to work on some other songs before we can do anything new. Well lately this song has been on my heart to finished. I have part of a chorus written, but that is where I need some help. Here are the words:

I'm gonna stop and listen to the sound of the music
Of the angel chorus singing halleluja
I'm gonna join in and sing with them a new song
With my Jesus singing right along

So, you probably figured what the question I have for you is simply by the title of this post. Do you think when we all get to heaven and we are all priasing the Father, will Jesus be there praising Him too? I like this idea of singing with our Savior. I've asked a few people already and after thinking for a little bit some say yes and others say no, they actually think Jesus will be leading singing, which is also kinda cool. What do you think? Any input would be great. Thanks!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joyful Noise

Yesterday my singing group, which by the way is named Joyful Noise, had one of the greatest opportunities it has ever or will ever have. We got to sing for Keith Lancaster. Thats right the man himself. The man who founded the group Acappella. Now, Acappella is the reason I started singing. Back about 15 years ago I saw them sing in concert at a South Texas Youth Conference and said to myself, "Wow! That's what I want to do." Almost immediately after that I met the Huttons and started getting copies of Acappella's music from them. I listened to them intently and strove to learn every part on every song I had of theirs. Before I knew it I was singing and sounding just like them, well I thought so at least, but then I went to a singing camp. Boy did I figure out I wasn't very good, but I did learn how to hear parts better and that Acappella's voice didn't have to be mine. Well anyways, I followed them ever since and just kept dreaming of singing for them, so I kept singing and working to find my own voice. Little did I know that someday I would actually sing for their founder. Though I still would love to be part of this phenomenal group, to sing for Keith was just as rewarding. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous one bit. It probably helped that we had dinner with him 2 nights this passed week and got to know him before we sang for him, so it was like singing to a brother and not a celebrity of the christian world. We sang a couple songs of his and a couple of songs that we, my group, wrote. I think we did pretty good. Cryssy says we sounded great, and if you know Cryssy she would tell us if we just really stunk. The only problem was Keith never said anything after we were done singing. That can't be good. Just kidding. He had just finished doing a Praise and Harmony workshop with our congregation and was resting and saving his voice, so he wasn't speaking at all. We did get 2 thumbs up from him though, so I guess that means he liked or enjoyed it a little bit. Anyways, now that we know we received a 2 thumbs up from Keith, we can have confidence that we are doing something right. I still just pray that it is what God wants us to be doing. But till we figure that out, there was always that time we made a Joyful Noise for Keith Lnacaster.